Christmas Party!

Station 43 will be holding a Christmas Party for members past and present and their friends this Saturday, December 5th, from 6 to 9 p.m., in the meeting room on the second floor of the old building.   We hope our brothers and sisters from other area fire companies will be able to attend.  Please be sure to come, even if you can only drop by for a short while, to enjoy the fellowship and spread some Christmas cheer.  Please let Sherry or Chris Stouffer or Tom Freeman know if you can come; it will help in planning for refreshments.

Cutting Cars Gone Wild!



All personnel are reminded that Station 43 is hosting a significant scenario-based automobile rescue training exercise this Monday, September 14, at Malinish’s.  We will assemble at 18:00 hours at the station and welcome brother firefighters from Somerset (601), Chestnut Ridge (110) and Fairfield (111), who will join us in the drill.  Rescue Captain Hart reminds us that this will be “a demanding and surprising realistic scenario.”   We all need to keep our rescue skills honed and stay abreast of the latest techniques, and this gives us the opportunity to work with brother companies we may be teaming with at anytime at an accident scene where lives hang in the balance.  So lets have a strong turnout for this drill and show our hospitality, cooperation and professionalism.  Let’s cut some cars!




As was discussed at our September meeting, a big part of the dedication needed to serve with Station 43 is training.  New firefighters cannot be asking “how do I do this?” at the scene of a fire or accident.  If you feel vague or uneasy about any technique (knot tying, for instance) or how to use certain equipment, don’t be embarrassed.  ASK for help from your officers.  Suggest training ideas. Even veterans know that we all profit from refreshing our skills, whether it be properly donning our SCBA or how to wrap a fire plug.  We all get “rusty.” And in many cases, new techniques are being introduced and skills must be refined.  This is especially true in auto accident calls where passengers are entrapped.   We should have bigger turnouts when we practice “cutting cars” at the junk yard.  It is hard, tiring work at the end of a day, but the lessons learned are invaluable and will literally save lives.  Participants in our auto rescue exercises always come away from the sessions having improved old skills and learned new lessons in safety and more efficient use of rescue tools and techniques.  If we are to be “The Front Line,” we must train, train, train.


Our new “Ready Room,” at the back of the fire hall is shaping up nicely.  A place to relax before or after a call.  A place to get together to watch a ball game or show hospitality to guests.  A nice comfort zone for personnel from stand-by companies.  A lot of work (and expense) has gone into creating this space for our enjoyment.

The idea of the Ready Room was born on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers during World War II.  The pilots from each squadron had their own hideaway below decks, where they could “come down” from the stress of the last mission and wait for the next one.  Each squadron would give its own “touch” to its ready room with cast-off furnishings and decor.   Entertainment might be provided by little more than a dart board, a pack of cards, some pin-ups and, if the crew was lucky, a radio to pick up Armed Forces Radio broadcasts.

Times have changed.  We’ve got a flat screen TV, microwave and an array of other electronics. Let’s all work to keep our Ready Room clean and inviting — a place we can all enjoy and be proud of, and a place that will show Station 43’s pride to other companies.

Keep Radios Charged!

You arrive at the scene, grab a radio from its cradle, jump from the truck and…  Radio is dead.  Low battery, or no charge at all.  The biggest reason?  Too many of us are not replacing radios carefully in the charging cradles.  And in many cases, we are not turning the radios off when returning them to the charging stations.  Please be attentive to proper placement of radios in the charging cradles.  Make sure you see the indicator light or read-out come on to show that the radio is properly aligned to receive a charge.  It’s that simple.

Important Drill Tonight (7/20/15)

Station 43 will be holding a joint drill tonight in Donegal with our brother firefighters of Station 110.  This is an important “live” drill opportunity at the new Holiday Inn Express.  We are often in joint operations with Chestnut Ridge, so let’s have a great turnout and improve our firefighting and inter-company skills.  The trucks will be leaving Station 43 at 19:00.